Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Tokyo Magnitude 8.0" is a fictional anime based on a possible real event: an 8.0 earthquake. Three main characters, Mirai & Yuuki Onozawa and Mari Kusakabe, are traveling from Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo bay, to their homes in Setagaya, Tokyo. First, they travel by ferry back to Tokyo and begin the long walk home since public transport is out of order.

"This program is a work of fiction, portraying a massive earthquake in the Tokyo metropolitan area, based on extensive research and verification. While the story strives for realism, constructed from thorough simulation, there will be differences between an actual event and what is portrayed herein."

Above, is the disclaimer that begins all 11 episodes that will make you smile, laugh, and especially cry. The story is wonderful, filled with many heart wrenching plot twists that you never see coming, which make this anime and it's characters real, very easy to get attached to, and even love. Each character is filled with fear and worry that their families will be okay, hurt, or even worse... killed.

Mari was in Odaiba when the earthquake hit, and her young daughter (Hina) was left with her grandmother. With fire's blazing throughout the city, the fear of losing her home and family fill Mari with worry that leave her collapsed and sick in one episode, but still planning to keep her promise with Mirari and Yuuki to get them home. But once the three reach Mari's home neighborhood,

Mirari and Yuuki are the two who begin and end the 11 episode series. Their story fills you with similar feelings of teenage school issues, home issues, and being the older sibling before a tragic natural disaster tears their family apart. After the earthquake, Mirari searches feverishly for her younger brother, Yuuki, who had left her to use the restroom and buy drinks in a shopping center at Odaiba after visiting a robot exhibition. While searching, Mirari first meets Mari and they begin to search together for Yuuki. Once found, the three begin their search for answers, a way home, and contact with the main Tokyo city. As the three continue onward home, they meet new & old friends and battle a difficult tragedy.

This anime is something I would recommend to people who are just beginning their "journey" into the Japanese animation world, but no one younger than thirteen because of it's depressing, upsetting, and graphic nature. Although there are scenes with deceased peoples, angry or frustrated peoples, and scenes of sick and injured peoples: there is no bad language, deformed beings, or even terrible violence. The opening music track and closing music track are also great music from great artists that could help spur someones interest in to the Japanese music genre.

I hope you enjoy! (:

Left to Right: Yuuki, Mari, and Mirari.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0