Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Shaytard Family!

                        From Left to Right: SonTard, PrincessTard, BroTard, Shay Carl, BabyTard, RockTard, and Colette.

ShayCarl is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the entertainment company, Maker Studios. After moving to Los Angeles with his wife, Colette, their family grew to five children, suffered the loss of a beloved family pet, and then soon added another Great Dane to love; all while vlogging the family's life for 5 years. Shay himself has three YouTube channels: the Shaytards, Shayloss, and ShayCarl. Colette has one, Katilette, and also does videos on The Mom's View. Shay and Colette also do a podcast called When the Kids Go to Sleep.

The Shaytards have 2 million subscribers, and the Shayloss and ShayCarl channels have 1 million subscribers. As well as making videos, through, the family sells calendars, stickers, buttons, socks, shirts, hats, and iPhone cases. He also has his own shoes, sold clothes at Hot Topic and Volcom; and the family has also made a few brand deals, including: Pepsi, AT&T, Kia, Goldie Blox toys, Windex, and more.

Because of YouTube, Shay, Colette, and family have had a world of opportunities offered to them. And their life has become greater for it. Their children have become actors, singers, dancers, and have their own wonderful personalities. Shay and Colette's families have also joined YouTube; Shay's sister, two brothers, and his sister-in-law, as well as Colette's sister.

This wonderful family makes bad days great, and good days awesome. Their friends are no exception and today, Shay and his co-founder friends (Lisa Donovan, Ben Donovan, Danny Zappin, Phillip DeFranco, and Kassem G.) have announced they have sold Maker Studios to the Walt Disney Company for $500 million dollars.

Family Channels:
1.) Katilette:

2.) ShayCarl:

3.) ShayLoss:

4.) ShayTards:

5.) WhenTheKidsGoToSleep:

5.) TheMomsView:

6.) TheMomsViewToo:

7.) CarlieStylez:

8.) HushinWithLavere:

9.) CaseyLavere:

10.) HeyKayli:

11.) LoganMckay55:

12.) CallieMooreMusic:

13.) MyFairFiend (Callie's music channel):

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